CWVFF 2015

Wanted won the Best Short Film Award at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas last month!  I was so thrilled to be at the Festival and go on stage with writer/director Nathan Jacobson and producer Seth Rice when we received the award!

It was neat to come full circle, since we were working really hard on our Kickstarter campaign during the Festival last year, and reached our goal on the next-to-last day.  A lot of people at the Festival helped in those last days of our campaign, and it was great to share in this experience with them as we screened the film and won the award.

I was a co-producer on this short film as well as consulting on the script, acting in it, and managing the social media marketing.  So I’ve been heavily involved in every step of the process for the last year and a half (and we are far from done).  Needless to say, this film is very dear to my heart.

Wanted stars Rusty Martin (Courageous), Eliya Hurt (Polycarp), Andrew Cheney (Beyond the Mask), and myself.  To learn more, visit our website and give our Facebook page a like!  You can also watch the film online!

Best Short Film Award