“The Screenwriters” on DVD!

Two weeks ago, I had the outstanding privilege of seeing The Screenwriters at the Christian Worldview Film Festival! I did all the wardrobe for this film, which was set in the 1940’s. Rich Swingle and I posed with the poster at the festival, wearing wardrobe from the film. Rich does a fabulous job playing a Hollywood director – Forest “Woodsy” Woods – in the film, and his character’s personality is as colorful as the awesome orange pants I picked out for him to wear!

The film was converted to black & white to make it feel more reminiscent of the period, but now at least you can picture Woodsy wearing his orange pants when you watch it. *wink* Meanwhile, I’m wearing a dress that Jenn Gotzon (who plays Elaine Gibson, a Hollywood actress) wears in her last scene of the film.

Our first screening was packed out, with rows of people standing in the back! The audience LOVED the film, and filled the room with laughter many times! When you have poured your heart (and countless hours of hard work) into a film, it is such a thrilling and rewarding experience to feel the room electrified by the audience’s response. It was also the first time I had seen the film, which made it even more special!


Here’s a plot summary: Set in the 1940s, THE SCREENWRITERS brings us into the world of the once-great Stewart Harvey, and the bumbling new kid in town, Chip Leninskovich, who together must hash out a feature-length screenplay in under twenty-four hours. With core ideals clashing and studio pressures mounting, will the tenuous partnership last the night?

Interrupting the writers throughout their ordeal, studio coworkers and enemies impose their ideas on the burgeoning script. Diva director Forrest Woods, glamorous actress Elaine Gibson, philosophical guards Frank and Henry, and Stu’s ex-flame Agnes DeMint inject comic relief as they further complicate the writers’ journey.


As you can see in the picture above, we had a large group of our cast and crew present at the Christian Worldview Film Festival! What a blessing to be reunited with part of my “film family”! At the big Awards Ceremony on the final night, The Screenwriters received the Runner-Up for Best Original Score (Benjamin Botkin) and Runner-Up for Audience Choice!!!

To learn more about our stellar cast and crew (I seriously could not rave about them enough!), visit the film’s IMDb Page.

You can get a limited edition Preview DVD of the film on the Advent Film Group Website. But hurry while supplies last!