Cast in “One Day” Short Film

I’m excited to announce that I have been cast as “Emily” in an upcoming short film called “One Day“. I will be playing the fiancé of the main character, John (played by Andrew Hurt). I will also be reunited on set with three actors from my previous film, “Providence” – Juli Tapken, Rich Swingle, and Rebekah Cook! This is actually my 7th film with Rich, and my 7th with Rebekah!

When I’m not acting, I’ll be serving as a behind-the-scenes photographer for the production. We’ll be filming in early July. You can follow the production on the film’s Facebook Page, and of course I will post behind-the-scenes pictures on my Facebook Page and Instagram account.

This is the premise of the film: “A man finds out he has one day left to live. He makes plans for how he wants to spend his last day…but…things do not go as planned…”