“One Day” Short Film

July brought my first out-of-state film for the year! I traveled to Illinois and enjoyed the beautiful farm country for 5 days while filming “One Day“. We filmed my scenes as Emily, fiancé to the main character, on the first day, and then I was the behind-the-scenes photographer for the rest of the shoot. I owe many thanks to Ivy Schexnayder for taking pictures while I was filming! She also took our fake “engagement” pictures.

I had a wonderful time working with this cast and crew! Everyone did a fabulous job. Andrew Hurt brought great emotional depth to the lead role of John, and Rich Swingle and Kari Fabian gave intense and moving performances during the crash scene. Rich also served as our acting coach, and I benefited greatly from his coaching and the sociodrama we did to prepare for my crying scene (let me tell you, I cried a LOT for take after take!)


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