“But Maybe This” Short Film

On July 16th, I participated in my first 48 hour film competition! Many cities across the country sponsor this competition, and you compete with other regional filmmakers. The teams have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film. It’s pretty crazy! You have to draw a genre on Friday night, and you’re also assigned a certain prop, character name, and line of dialogue that you have to use (to make sure no one makes their film ahead of time).

For this competition, I was working with my friends at Mirari Pictures (I acted in their film My House a few years ago). We drew the genre “Musical”! These were the other assignments:

Name: Jordan Bitwinder
Prop: Bracelet
Dialogue: “Watch and learn”

Jake and Ryan stayed up all night writing the script while Kristen stayed up composing the music. The other three actors and I reported for work at 6am Saturday morning. By noon, we had mostly finalized the script, worked through the music, and recorded our singing lines at the studio.

From 1:30 to 10:30pm, we filmed all the scenes for the movie. There was a mixture of lines that were sung and spoken. For the sung lines, we had to lip sync to the tracks we had already recorded in the studio, which took some time to get the timing just right. But we got it all done! And despite the time crunch, there wasn’t a stressful atmosphere on set. In fact, I don’t remember ever laughing so much on a film set. We had a blast! The hardest part was keeping a straight face while the cameras were rolling. By the end of the day, we had all been up long enough to start getting a little slap-happy.

Ryan and Kristen stayed up all that night to the editing done, and Kristen worked through Sunday to finesse the edit and work on the final sound mix. Kristen ended up being awake for 60+ hours! She did a great job.

The next weekend, some of us traveled to the regional festival location to see our film on the big screen in a huge historic theater. It was so cool! And our film definitely got the most laughs in our screening block, which was very gratifying! The next weekend it showed again at the “Best Of” screening, and we won the “Honorable Mention for Best Musical Score” Award!

So are you ready to see our film for yourself? Here you go!