Watch “Wanted” For FREE!!!

Wanted FB Cover Laurels Aug. 2016

Major announcement! After a very successful run of the film festival circuit (as you can see from all the laurels), our multi-award willing short film, “Wanted“, is now free to watch online! We’re excited about all our nominations and wins, but the most important thing to us is touching people’s lives and reaching their hearts with the impactful message of the film. It’s an inspiring message of hope, love, and family. It’s 22 minutes long, and I hope you will take time to watch it and share it with your friends!

This film is very dear to my heart, not only because of the beautiful story, but also because of the 2 years I poured into it. I served as a producer, story consultant, actress, behind-the-scenes photographer, website designer, and social media marketer. Speaking of social media, you can learn more about the film on Wanted’s Facebook page or Official Website.