Theatrical Demo Reel:

Alternative Demo Reel (for younger roles):

“Assana” teaser trailer (2017):

Touched by Grace” trailer (2012):

Wanted” trailer (2014):

The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club” trailer (2012):

My House” trailer (2013):

Love Keeper” trailer (2013):

Providence” trailer (2015):

Polycarp” trailer (2013):

In His Steps” trailer (2013):
(That’s me in the blue hoodie)

Uncommon” trailer (2013):

“77 Chances” trailer (2013):

“Mount Hideaway” trailer (2016):

Full Videos:

Wanted” Short Film (2014):

“But Maybe This” Short Film (2016):

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.38.25 PM

“Across” Short Film (2016):


“They Remain” Short Film (2016):
*Caution: Due to thematic content, this may not be suitable for young children.

“Rules For Small Groups” Short Film (2013):

Providence” Music Video #1 (2015):

Providence” Music Video #2 (2015):

“War Paint” Music Video (2015):

Any fans of Doctor Who out there?  Here’s a short fan film that I acted in while in Colorado filming “In His Steps” (June 2013).